Office storage – the great divide

Office design can overlook one very important office element, office storage. Storage should not be an afterthought of workspace design.

Office storage

In recent years the cost of office floor space rental has risen and many companies have been required to take a good look at how their space is maximised.  Thanks to the integration of smaller personal computers and devices such as tablets and phones, the desktop surface space has been allowed to decrease in size. Office storage on the other-hand has been slower to make the transition and has remained stagnant for too long.

Yes ladies and gentlemen; storage is now the cutting edge of space design.

Clever design and engineering forced by office space reduction has transformed the humble storage cabinet in to the unsung hero in office design. Workspace designers have teamed up with office storage manufacturers and looked into the way storage has been commonly used. No longer is office storage part of the background, its at the forefront of layout design.

Below you find various illustrations of how storage can help divide and create quick meeting or breakout zones within the workspace.

Stem office storage

Above: Stem storage by Herman Miller. Dividing the workspace from breakout

Stem storage

Above: Stem office storage including bookcase, side storage with high table and low storage with cushioned seating.

Stem storage with writeable walls

Above: Stem storage creating a collaboration area. Dual sided storage with magnetic and writeable back panels.

BE office storage by BisleyAbove: The new BE storage system by Bisley. Creating a walkway divide with colourful lockers.

BE Bisley storage Above: Bisley’s BE storage locker with power socket for charging phones and other devices.

BE storage with seating

Above: BE storage with booth seating located on the rear panel – creates a small work area with a hint of privacy.

Bespoke office storage

Above: A bespoke storage wall creating a divide for reference.

Basic S storage

Above: Basic S storage with acoustic upholstered sliding doors used to divide work desks.

With careful consideration and planning, use office storage to divide the workspace to save floorspace and expensive partitioning or office pods.


  • Use the height of the room when storage is used against a wall (try storage wall).
  • Use office storage as a divide for work zones.
  • Divide desks from other areas such as print areas or quick meeting points.
  • Save on bookable meeting rooms for short meetings by utilising meeting or breakout areas close to your work area.
  • Avoid eating at the desk, remove yourself to the canteen or small breakout area divided by storage.
  • Think about acoustics – office storage can be manufactured with acoustic panelling or perforated panels to aid the absorption of travelling sounds.
  • Doors and back panels can be used as multifunctional surfaces including; magnetic boards, writeable surfaces, projector panels and acoustic surfaces.
  • Above all, make storage count and use modular office storage where possible. You may want to move it one day!

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